Club Championship points as at September 2016


James Connor   80pts  

Tom McCabe  47  

James Grist  35  

Millie Ray  25  

Mark Cottingham  20  

Jon Yendell  17

Gary Brown  16    

Charlie Woodward  15  

Jim Howell  10  

Alex Penrice  5

Youth Expert:  

Oliver Smith  40


Steve Moore  100  

George Lawrence  35  

Stuart Young  32  

Victoria Payne   17    

Paul Ray  17  

Paul Nash  15  

Mick Huskinson  13  

Andrew Armiger   11  

Colin Grist  5

Youth Inter:  

Hannah Moore   100  

Casey Moore  17 


Gary Stewart   60    

Gareth Thomas  36  

Luke Armiger  30  

Ian Smith  20  

Katie Nash  20  

Peter Stapleton  5


Stuart Packam   82  

Marcello Romano  20  

Andy Wenlock  15    

Brian Cohen  15   

Twinshock:  Clubman:  

Kevin Greening  53    

Twinshock Sportsman:  

Steve McCormick  42

Youth Red route:  

Daniel Dabreo   114    

Casey  77  

Rowan  Stewart  61  

Sophie Bailey  15  

Max Agar  13

Youth Yellow route:  

Thomas Packham   80  

Kier Winchester  17    

Elliot Smith  17    

Jimmy Connor  15  

James Guy  10

Ryan Bedford   5  

Grace Bedford  5  

Niall Winchester   5  

Adam Norman  5

There are two more TVTC trials that count for our own Hookwood Club Championship   they are

Sunday  16 October  run by Twickenham Club a Frensham Vale  Gardners Hill Rd, Frensham Vale GU10 4KL   start 10.30am

Note on this day there will be a 5th route for young Oset riders, please all support.  

Further details contact Jim 01483 285727.

our final club rd is run by SSTC at Hungry Hill   GU11 1PZ  start 10.30am on Sunday 6th November  see TVTC web

The final TVTC run by Witley  on December 11th will be just TVTC.  

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Lewis Farmer Fun day Trial

We are running a trial to give all proceeds to a member, Lewis Farmer, who got badly injured at an Enduro.

Fun day trial, all abilities, Sunday 13th November start at 11:05am.

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Hookwood closed dates

Dear members,

Hookwood Trials Centre will be closed on:

Sunday 11th September

Sunday 9th October

Sunday 13th November

Sunday 4th December

Please try and support Sunday 13th November as it is a fund raising day to support a member, Lewis Farmer, who got injured badly in an Enduro.

All proceeds to Lewis.




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Suttles Rocks

Young Thomas Packham trying out Suttles rocks for size!!! 

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Hookwood Trial Club Championship positions -6th July 2016

Hookwood Trial Club Championship positions

 Tom McCabe 47 

 James Connor 40 

 James Grist 35 

 Millie Ray 20 

 Mark Cotttingham 20 

 Jon Yendell 17

Gary Brown 16 

 Charlie Woodward 15 

 Jim Howell 10 

Alex Penrice 5

Youth Expert:

Oliver Smith 40


 Steve Moore 60 

 George Lawrence 35 

 Stuart Young 32 

 Paul Ray 17 

 Victoria Payne 17 

 Paul Nash 15

Mick Huskinson 13 

 Andrew Armiger 11 

 Colin Grist 5

Youth Inter: 

 Hannah Moore 60 

 Casey Moore 17


Gary Stewart 40 

 Gareth Thomas 34 

 Luke Armiger 30 

 Ian Smith 20 

 Katie Nash 20 

Pete Stapleton 5

Youth Novice: 

 Daniel DeBreo 75 

 Rowan Stewart 46 

 Casey Moore 20 

 Sophie Bailey 15 

Adam Norman 5


 Stuart Packham 62 

 Marcello Romano 20 

 Brian Cohen 15 

 Andy Wenlock 15 

 Jim Connor 5

Youth Yellow: 

Thomas Packham  77 

 Kier Winchester 37 

 Rowan Stewart 20 

 James Guy 10 

 Jimmy Connor 5 

 Ryan Bedford 5

Niall Winchester 5

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2016 Hookwood Trials Club Championship – update

A few details of 2016 Hookwood Trials Club Championship.

Your best 8 rounds count!

At all TVTC trials to qualify for points Hookwood club members must ensure “Hookwood Trials Club” is clearly written on riders entry form. 

All starters receive 5 pts even if they retire in the event.

The rounds held so far:

10th January – Normandy

14th February – Hookwood

The remaining TVTC rounds:

13th March –  Hookwood

5th May – Normandy 5 May  

12th June – Witley  

14th August – Crowthorne   

16th October – Twickenham  

6th November – SSTC

Details of all rounds and to support the small but friendly Thames Valley Trials Combine see their very well presented website (Thames Valley Trials Combine).

Hookwood positions after 2 rounds:


James Grist   35  

Tom McCabe  30  

Mark Cottingham  20  

Jon Yendell  17  

Gary Brown  16  

Charlie Woodward  15

Jim Howell  10   

Alex Penrice  5

Expert Youth:   

Oliver Smith  20


Steve Moore  40  

Paul Ray  17  

Victoria Payne  17  

Stuart Young  15  

Paul Nash  15   

George Lawrence  13  

Mick Huskinson  13

Andrew Armiger  11   

Colin Grist  5

Youth Inter:

Hannah Moore  40


Katie Nash  20  

Gareth Thomas  17   

Luke Armiger  15   

Kevin Greening T/S  13  

Peter Stapleton  5


Casey Moore   40   

Daniel DeBreo  15  

Adam Norman  5


Steve McCormick   22  

Kevin Greening  20  

Marcello Romano  20  

Stuart Packham   17 

Andy Wenlock  15  

Brian Cohen 15


Rowan Stewart   20   

Keir Winchester  17  

Thomas Packham  15   

Niall Winchester   5  

Ryan Bedford   5

The next round will be all on the Barn side of Hookwood on Sunday 13th March.

It will be set out much less severe than the previous round!

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2018 Membership form

2018 Membership Application Form

Please find linked below the 2018 membership application form for Hookwood Trials club.

Please print off a copy of the form, complete the details and return with payment to:

Membership secretary: Jim Connor, Hookwood Manor, Fullers Farm Road, West Horsley, Surrey KT24 6ET.

2018 Membership Form –

Word version – HOOKWOOD-TRIALS-CLUB-membership-2018

PDF version – HOOKWOOD-TRIALS-CLUB-membership-2018

  1.  Click on one of the links above.  One is a Word document version and the other is a PDF.
  2. This will download the document to your pc.
  3. Open up the document and print to your local printer.
  4. Complete the details and return with payment to Jim Connor.
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